Zucchini / Carrot Croquettes

I do my best to keep the flow of food into and out of the refrigerator efficient and with as little waste as possible. Since I do almost all of the cooking and grocery shopping I take the responsibility seriously. I keep a well stocked refrigerator and occasionally something gets pushed to the back and is forgotten about for too long, but I do frequent visual inventories to keep that to a minimum.

Today I came across a zucchini squash that was still in its prime and began planning for some tasty zucchini patties. I chopped an onion, shredded the zucchini and shredded a small carrot.

To extract as much moisture as possible I salted the vegetables and put them in a colander to drain. After about 15 minutes I gave them a few good squeezes with my hand help get the juices flowing and then let them drain awhile longer. I then wrapped the vegetables in cheese cloth and squeezed as much liquid out as I could.

onions, zucchini & carrotsonions, zucchini & carrots 2

To the shredded and squeezed vegetables I added an egg, a little all purpose flour, bread crumbs and some garlic chives floret buds.


I once planted garlic chives as a border around a couple round planting areas in my garden. Over the years they have gotten out of hand and taken over portions of the yard. The wildlings are now budding and will soon go into full bloom. I must mow them down soon before they go to seed and cause further havoc. Meanwhile I’ll take an opportunity or two to put the blossoms to use. I harvested a few buds of the compound flowers, pealed back the papery sepals and snipped off the budding florets to use in this dish.

garlic chives 1garlic chives 2garlic chives 3

I was prepared to add mashed potato flakes to the vegetable mix but it seemed dry and cohesive enough. I did shred some Asiago cheese and mixed that in.


To minimize the amount of oil needed for frying I used an ebelskiver pan. Since I didn’t use my nonstick pan these had to be turned very carefully to keep them from falling apart. I sometimes only did a quarter turn at a time, reshaping with a spoon as needed. All turned out well. With just a few ingredients these croquettes had phenomenal flavor!

frying 1frying 2croquettes

7 thoughts on “Zucchini / Carrot Croquettes

  1. These look like they came out perfectly! Great use of the ebelskiver pan.
    I usually just make soup when I’m cleaning out the fridge to avoid wasting, lol. Well, since they were in their prime, croquettes! Excellent idea. 🙂

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