Guacamole Steamed Eggs

I have prepared eggs many different ways, but was only just recently introduced to steamed eggs. The eggs are blended with twice the volume of liquid, strained and cooked in a steamer. The result is a very light silky smooth custard. Learning of this technique opened up a whole new culinary playground for me.

The liquid used to make steamed eggs is often chicken or vegetable stock. The first time I attempted making them I used V8® Juice. The result was tasty and interesting to say the least. I knew I had to play around with this concept some more.

I couldn’t be happier with the results of the direction I took it this morning. This is what I did:

I blended together two eggs, an avocado, a jalapeño, a small amount of sweet onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt and water.

guacamole steamed eggs

guacamole steamed eggs

For a super silky result one would normally run the egg mixture through a sieve, but I skipped that step and poured it directly into greased liqueur glasses waiting in a steamer. My fingers were crossed that the glasses could take the heat. As a precaution I put them into the cold steamer and brought the temperature up slowly before adding the avocado egg mixture.

guacamole steamed eggs

The water in the steamer boiled rapidly (with a lid, of course) for 3 minutes then I turned off the heat and left the lid on for 15 more minutes.

guacamole steamed eggs

guacamole steamed eggs

This called for seasoned refried beans and a salad.

guacamole steamed eggs


12 thoughts on “Guacamole Steamed Eggs

  1. WOW! What fun! I love egg custard, so this should be great! There is a mark on the Cuisinart Oven Central insert pan that says “water to here” (or something like that – too lazy to go look), so I wonder if these could be done in there.

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. I’m probably stating the obvious, but if I was steaming custards in the Oven Central I would elevate the custard bowls or ramikens on the rack and not set them directly on the tray itself. I’m not sure if it would really matter, but I would take that precaution.

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      1. I have an extensive collection of trivets, and use them frequently, but thanks for the reminder. I did cornbread muffins in there in ramekins the other night. I used the muffin form, but had leftover batter.

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